2017 Recap Blog- Check out what we did!

We could not be more thankful to the Kingston community for welcoming Kingston Webworks with open arms and continuing to support us. This past year showed us immense growth as a business and as a team, and we are so excited to reflect back on all we did.

As most of you know, we started small but mighty with the help of our sister company Frontrunner Professional but throughout the year we added to our team, to round out the best crew! Seriously, we have such a great team here working for Kingston Webworks… when we’re not working hard in the office, we are usually together. We enjoy playing rec sports together, going to movies or just hanging out after hours at the office, brainstorming what we are going to do next! In the last year, the most common comment others in the community have made to me is “wow you guys have a lot of fun, don’t you?” The answer is yes, we sure do! We genuinely love being around each other and coming to work everyday, I truly believe that is why we succeed at what we do.


A huge part of what we do and what we believe in is community involvement. Aside from a sales point of view, we love to be able to support other businesses in Kingston strictly because we can. From donating socks for a Canada 150 campaign, we sponsored the Acer Memorial Golf Tournament, and supported the Ongwanada Christmas Luncheon. In addition to our time we also donated our skills to developing a logo design for the Kingston Street Mission, raised awareness and put a video together for the 100+ Women Who Care organization and donated our social media management program to the Dress for Success Organization.

In September our President Stephanie travelled to Boston to attend the Inbound Marketing Conference where she learned so many new skills, was inspired by world famous speakers and connected with some of the best in the business. It was such an amazing experience for her and she brought back so many new ideas back to the team.


This year our team launched a new website platform that allows our clients to easily edit their sites, which we saw a huge demand for. It easily lets clients add new content, images and pages. It’s as easy as drag and drop, and so far the feedback we have gotten has been marvellous. We are continually researching platforms that make it easier for our client’s to do it themselves if they wish, or we can take care of everything- depending on what they are comfortable with.

We welcomed so many new clients to Kingston Webworks, it has been such a pleasure meeting new members of the community. From app development, website design, marketing, social media management and search engine optimization we have helped numerous teams grow their businesses throughout the year. We love our clients and truly get involved in their companies as if they are our own. It’s a partnership and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Giving Back

This year marked our first full 12 months of free marketing workshops. We host these workshops as a way to give back to the community and spread our knowledge about the fast paced world of marketing behaviours for small businesses. These workshops allow us to meet face to face with local business leaders and learn more about what they see and need as a small business. In return we give them strategies to grow their business and prepare for the future.


Towards the end of 2017 we went full throttle with excitement and activity- we are so pleased to announce we were awarded New Business of the Year by the Kingston Chamber of Commerce at a wonderful ceremony held locally. It is an award we are so proud of and worked so hard towards. Being part of the Chamber is such a great way to stay involved in the community and we highly recommend it to any businesses looking to network.

In December we hosted our second My YGK Mixer of the year and it was such a success, we were blown away by the support we saw in the community. From the donations to the attendance, we were a full house here at the KWW headquarters.

We love being able to support other local companies, whether on social media, or when we are out shopping, eating etc… we also support local by hosting contest on our Facebook pages. This year we gave away tickets to Improbable Escapes, the infamous YGK Craft Beer Fest and most recently we gave away two tickets to the sold out Glorious Sons concert along with a $100 gift certificate to Blackdog Hospitality restaurants.

Thank you!

We can’t forget to mention that even being part of projects in Kingston has been such a cool experience. Stephanie and Brooke got to be part of a series of videos for Kingston Tourism, Ashley got to be on a panel at the Breakout Project and the team even made the cover in Refined Magazine. A huge thank you to all who have reached out to us and included us in your own awesome projects! We are so grateful for the support all of you have shown in 2017 and we can’t wait to see where this next year will take us. Cheers to 2018!

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