Five Guidelines For Improving The User Experience

If a consumer goes to your website or app and is unable to navigate their way through without interruption, they’re likely to leave your site and never return. Where are they gonna go? Right into the warm and welcoming arms of your competition. Yikes! You want to avoid this right? Well, you have to improve your website’s functionality. Through a variety of methods, CreativeCarbon can help your business improve user experience, ensuring your customers stay right where they belong: on your website.

  1. Customer Testimonials

    Reviews will help potential customers make their purchasing decision faster. Shoppers want to know the product or service they are buying will function properly. So don’t be afraid to brag a little, friends! Post glowing reviews and watch your customer base grow.

  2. Seamless Navigation

    This may seem like a basic necessity, but you know what? It’s surprisingly often ignored. Go through your entire website and make sure you are able to easily move from page to page.

  3. Price Displays

    By displaying prices, your company will appear transparent and upfront about costs. A consumer is most likely to purchase a product or service when the price is clearly displayed; they will feel a higher level of trust for your brand.

  4. Minimize Data Collection

    Data collection is often essential for any website, but don’t overwhelm your customers with busy forms that ask for too much info; it’s a total turn off. Instead, keep your data collection succinct and on a need-to-know basis.

  5. Effective Call-To-Action

    Develop call-to-actions that grab viewers’ attention and hang on to it tightly. Simply stating “Click Here” is not enough to evoke a reaction (it’s totally boring!) so be sure to brainstorm relevant and refreshing call-to-actions that will encourage your visitors to buy.

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