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To Help Others

We started Webworks to give back and to help our local community with the knowledge and expertise we gained through many years of large-scale, international business ventures.

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Business owners are struggling successfully to pivot and to survive during these times of social and economic change. We are living a ‘new normal’ that was thrust upon us, and where what used to work has been thrown out the window without a map or identified path forward. Business owners are forced to become trailblazers to create positive change, to adapt, and to innovate business processes in order to stay afloat.  At Webworks, we are fanatics about webinars, seminars and workshops, and we are constantly working to keep up with the latest trends and to be ahead of the next curve to best support our clients and to provide resources in support of a strong local community. It’s just part of our DNA.

We invite you to consider joining our ongoing educational events or to book a 1:1 session with one of our success coaches. Remember, the effort you put into helping your business equals the amount your businesses helps you.

Our Story

We Are Creative Hub

Over the last few years we have grown our ambition to include helping all small and medium businesses with their growing needs. Especially in the wake of a global pandemic, we want to stand as a resource and ally of local entrepreneurs, business owners and like-minded people who want to see the world become a better place.

At every opportunity, we seek to give back to the Kingston community, whether it be through charitable donations, aiding the efforts of other community organizations, or by simply trying to bring good faith to the city. We look forward to hosting events, collaborating with other businesses, and charting a more positive course for the city so that we can all bounce back from this pandemic, together. Both in terms of getting business back off the ground and building a more self-sustaining local economy. With over 150 clients from around the area, we want to add more businesses to that group so that we can do what we do best while helping Southeastern Ontario get back on its feet.


Our Clients

We encourage you to take a look at our work. Webworks is compiled of experienced designers and developers, leaders and gurus.

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Exciting Announcement!

Webworks and YourSocialStrategy are excited to announce that as of November 1, 2022, we will be launching a completely new, fresh rebrand. With this comes a new website, a new mission, and new service offerings. We can’t wait for you to meet Aliado Marketing Group. Eeeekkkkk, stay tuned!!!!!!!