The Best Keyword Researching Tools

Focusing on keywords is great for your business in a few ways, and can help to improve your search engine rankings. That said, doing research to figure out the most effective set of keywords isn’t always easy (or, let’s face it, fun), but by putting in the grunt work, so to speak, your business can grow. How, you ask? Well, for starters, proper keyword research makes it easier for consumers to find your website and allows you to increase your visibility to people who are browsing online. Review your chosen keywords often to guarantee they evolve along with your marketing efforts. The CreativeCarbon team has gathered information on the top three keyword research tools that can help you improve your businesses overall performance on the web. Ready? Here we go:

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find new keywords related to your business. It can provide you with a list of useful keywords that will potentially be helpful for your advertising objectives.

Google Trends

Compare the projected traffic for different sets of keywords using Google Trends. An added bonus: You can focus on geographical regions. It’s also extremely important for businesses that abide by seasonal regulations (ex.: holidays).

Yoast Suggests

Yoast Suggests is a great platform for finding popular long tailed keywords and keyword suggestions, commonly found when searching on Google.


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