Building A Brand Manual

To ensure brand consistency, many companies are building a “brand bible.” Also known as a brand manual, this handy document contains every piece of information regarding a brand’s image – from photography style to colours to typography. Whether you are producing a brochure, designing your website, or promoting upcoming events, you must establish guidelines so your brand comes across as professional and dependable.

Tone of Voice

Decide what the voice and personality of your brand is. Is it friendly and outgoing, or is it strong and reserved? Establishing the general tone of your brand is vital when preparing any and all material.


Your logo is what makes your company instantly recognizable to consumers. Just imagine that renowned swoosh; what instantly pops into your head? Nike, right?
Your brand bible should make it clear what your logo should look like and any differences that may be suitable depending on the form of media it is used in.


Choose fonts and stick with em’ in all of your material. Whether you realize it or not, using consistent fonts is uber important when it comes to maintaining your brand’s image. Why, you ask? Well, much like your company’s logo, your fonts — you’ll have a few different styles depending on the material— are what make your company instantaneously distinguishable.

Colour Palette

Choose distinctive colours that fit with your brand’s values and product/services offerings. Your brand bible should contain the exact codes needed to program your colours of choice so they can be easily used in all marketing materials.

Let’s take a minute to review the facts, if you don’t mind. A brand bible (done by professionals like CreativeCarbon), will not only help your company remain consistent, but will also help build audience trust in your company. You know what this means: brand loyalty! Want to check out an example? Contact CreativeCarbon to see our brand bible.

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