Quick Guide: Better Blogging Practices For Your Local Businesses

In today’s technology-driven world, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity you have to reach consumers and build a relationship of trust. If you are looking to establish brand identity and connect with your local market on a more personal level, then we suggest you think about a blog for your business. Blogging not only strengthens the search engine optimization of your website, it can also help people become familiar with who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. Ultimately, a blog is a perfect channel to tell people why they should come to you instead of going somewhere else.

At Webworks we believe in the power of community and want to help you connect with yours. That is why we have put together this quick guide to blogging for local businesses. Whether you already have a blog or are considering starting one in the near future, make sure that you are following these steps to continuously engage, educate, and entertain your subscribers.

Keep Your Blogging Close To Home

When blogging for your small business, it is important to stick with what you know. By that, I do not mean keep it simple. I mean keep it local. With the amount of information available online, general topics will not only be difficult to rank for but they will do very little by way of bringing you new business. If you really want to become an authority, blog about topics that are extremely relevant to those in your community.

Even if you want to publish posts that are broader, it is always best to adapt them to be locally driven. For example, instead of writing about 10 reasons why your top product/service is useful, write about 10 reasons it is useful for someone living in Kingston (or wherever you are located). These posts will not only be more relatable but consumers will begin to trust your business and believe that you are invested in the community.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Off-Topic

Despite every attempt to keep your blogging close to home, there may be times when it just isn’t possible to talk about your products and services with a local focus. In these instances, we suggest venturing away from your usual topics. Write posts about your team, involvement with the community, or present a case study about a happy customer/client from the area. The possibilities are essentially endless. Just don’t be afraid to get creative, think outside of the box, and ask “will people here want to read this?” before publishing any blog post. Catering to your local market is far more important than constantly being sales-driven or marketing-minded with your content.

Start Valuable Conversations

Starting valuable conversations is another way you can improve local engagement through blogging. In order to do this, all you need to do is ask open-ended questions in your post and solicit answers. In addition, blog posts are great fuel for social media and can serve as a great way to get social dialogue started. One of the best things that can happen to a blog post is getting shared around and discussed on social media. Best case scenario, these conversations find their way offline and the community actually starts talking about your business. To note: this may not happen every time you try to engage with local consumers, in fact, it can be quite difficult. However, do not let that dissuade you from trying. All it takes is one post, the right post, for you to become the talk of the town.

Enhance Your Website Content*

Perhaps the most unheralded value of having a blog for your small business is having a channel with which to enhance your website content. Whether your blog is on your website or hosted on a subdomain, it can spruce up your content for both consumers and search engines. Often websites leave visitors with unanswered questions and, at the very least, a desire to find out more. While this can be a positive, there is a lot to be said for answering questions proactively and being upfront with everything a potential customer needs to know. In the past, we have described this for our clients as an opportunity to fill in the blanks or help visitors read between the lines of their website content. Make it so that they have a solid understanding of what you can do for them before they pick up the phone or visit your location.

Blogging is an excellent tool to help you rank for topics and keywords that will help grow your business. In making yourself easier to find online, there is more opportunity for consumers to see what you want them to. In this sense, a blog is the best accomplice for your website content.

Need More Tips?

We hope that this quick guide to blogging for your local business has been helpful. However, we understand that you may still require further information about how to get started or how to enhance the blogging efforts of your business. Our lines of communication are always open to businesses in Kingston and the surrounding area. Feel free to contact us at any time, we are more than happy to help you grow.

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