Absolutely Polished Cleaning Service

Professional, Insured & Reliable.

2021 – Present


The Client

A new generation of cleaning and restoration concepts.
Absolutely polished cleaning services has become one of the leading cleaning companies in Kingston over the passed four years. With hospital back round cleaning, Owner operator, Ally Levesque started this business as a sub contractor and really noticed the need for a great cleaning company that not only delivered exceptional results every time but also could put a face to the service.


The Challenge

Absolutely Polished Cleaning Services came to us requesting we clean up her site, make it more user friendly, mobile friendly and she had a shared hosting plan that was causing her site to drop more often than not, so that meant she needed a new hosting and maintenance provider.

Increase UX/UI Experience

Add More Call-to-actions

create a beautiful and branded site


The Approach

We worked with the client to spruce up her brand, taking her logo from a lowercase, hand written font to something more legible and simply adding a star to represent bright and clean.

From there we requested assets and reviewed her photos of completed work. They spoke for themselves. We began to build a layout, find complimentary colours and sketched out the wireframe.


We chose a clean, serif font, Playfair Display and used it throughout the website.


The client wanted to be minimalist when it came to the colours, we went with a black and white.


The client had various photos to select from. The theme was bright


Website Design


The Results

A happy and engaged client. 

Since the launch of Absolutely Polished Cleaning Services new site we have seen an increase in bookings, longer visits from users and an extremely happy client 😀

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