Chic Closet Co.

Bringing fun, chic styles to your closet.

2021 – Present


The Client

Chic Closet Co. begin with 3 sisters having a love for clothing.

They offer fashionable clothing of all kinds. As the season’s change, so should wardrobes. These girls know how to shop and wanted to offer all their chic finds to others. 

Woman wearing a tunic. These are one of the items Chic currently offers.
Woman wearing a top. These are one of the items Chic currently offers.
Woman wearing a romper. These are one of the items Chic currently offers.


The Need

In 2021, Chic Closet Co. was born. These girls were on a mission and needed an e-commerce website to help get them there. 

Along with any new business, there needed to be goals put in place. The girls were at the start of it all and have a couple of goals in mind to help make their dreams posiible. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Sell Clothing Online

Create a Marketing Plan


The Approach

The girls had a vision with their website and brand.

There are two important pieces when starting with a new brand – typography and colours. From there, it’s chatting out requirements and functionality for the website. Some key components to the website were the ability to sell clothing online, offer gift cards, show different sizes and colours of the clothing, categorize the products, and the ability to allow the user to quickly add items to their cart with a seamless checkout process. We then got started with a design concept. 


We used two fonts: LifeSavers and Happy Monkey. The girls want fun and easy to read.


The girls wanted pink as their primary colour and their secondary colour with contrast. 


Imagery is made of different clothing offered but a heart symbolizes their love for all of you.

Website Design
Chic Closet Co. website's home page.


The Results

Since the launch of their website, the girls have been super busy packing up orders. 

This is a side-hustle for the girls, and hustle is right! Their goals were met and they have been able to successfully sell their clothing online through their website. 

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