Colour Psychology In The Logo Design Process

Colour psychology has been widely debated in the marketing and advertising industry and many people are iffy when they hear this buzzword. However, we here at CreativeCarbon happen to think colour psychology and logo design have an effect on consumer perceptions. Knowing how to manipulate this in your favour can keep you on the track to success. Personal preferences and past experiences will determine individual reaction to colour in branding, but colour can be used to portray a certain perception to your audience.

Colour plays a huge role in branding perceptions and a large percentage of impulse purchases are made based on the colouring that a brand chooses to use. Consumers often consider whether or not the colour choice suits the particular brand, and will determine their willingness to purchase based on that assumption. Who knew choosing a colour would be such a big decision, eh?

Colour choices will display a brand’s personality, so you must choose a palette that suits your corporate culture in order to appear authentic to the consumer. When you begin the design phase for your logo and overall branding, you should start with your brand’s personality. Decide what the “voice” of your brand sounds like and how you want customers to think of you. Then move onto colour choices, choosing shades that will help emanate the personality you have built for your brand.

If this sounds daunting, don’t let us scare you! There are ways to figure out which colour palette is right for your company image. Just test different colour combinations and determine which is most popular, more commonly known as A/B testing. These “experiments” will help you decide which colour combination will generate the most traffic and resonate with your customers to create instant brand recognition. Although there are no clear answers when it comes to colour psychology and its effect on brand perception, you can use colours to complement your brand personality, which will help you stand out among competition.

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