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Why Business and Community Involvement go Hand in Hand

Whether your business is located in a small town or a big city, it’s important to know your neighbours. Maybe you need to borrow a cup of sugar or lean on them for resources, it’s a major positive to be in the know of other local companies. Not only should you be counting on local businesses for support, you should be supporting them and taking into consideration your corporate social responsibility.  No matter what size your business is or how many people are on your team, community involvement is extremely important for sustained success. 

Partner Up and Give Back To Your Community

Brooke and Steph demonstrating community involvement

There are endless ways a business can partner with another business in the community, whether it’s a shoutout on social media, or a donation to a charity. It’s so important to build relationships with those around you. Community involvement can attract new customers to your business as well as drive more business to business sales. Now this isn’t the only reason to become involved, you should truly care about the causes and businesses around you, as small businesses really do make a community work. In a small city like Kingston, the downtown core depends on each other to strive and keep their doors open. Big box stores and corporate companies can knock small business down easily with lower prices, free parking and mass production. Small businesses need to stick together to keep the “main street” strong.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to trade services which is a great partnership that benefits both parties. If you run a ‘mom and pop’ shop make sure you are utilizing other local businesses by choosing them over big box stores when you are shopping, eating or purchasing a service.

Networking by Community Involvement

There is nothing wrong with building relationships at community events. You are there to be involved and there’s no problem building brand awareness by doing so. In fact it’s a great ice breaker when meeting new people in the community. Introducing yourself, your company and what you do is a great way to let people know you are there and you are happy to do business with them!

Your Time is More Important Than Money

Recently our marketing coordinator was asked the question, ‘what’s more important, donating time or money?” Her answer was time. It’s easy to donate a couple hundred dollars to a company or person in need, it’s a tax write off. However donating your time is priceless. It could involve problem solving, networking or advice which all bring endless opportunities given the right situation.

Getting Your Employees Out of the Office

Getting your employees involved in community activities is a great way for them to feel like they are making a difference and get’s them up and out of their desk chair. It’s clear employees who feel like they can make a difference and feel like they are important to the company will do a better job. Keeping your employees happy and energized will no doubt make a difference in the community as well as in your workspace.

Kingston Webworks in the Community

The Kingston Webworks team loves community involvement!

The team here at Kingston Webworks have been so fortunate to be a part of numerous community events in the last year. From Kingston Tourism to hosting our own community event for business leaders, our team has worked together to create great business relationships with others. We can’t help to brag about our staff and the way they got above and beyond to get involved in events outside the 9-5 spectrum. You can read more about the events we participate in on our social media pages, where we share images and give shout outs to local vendors.

If you are a business in Kingston and want to connect with our team here at Kingston Webworks please let us know by contacting, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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