Creating a Web Page Using Keywords

Assuming you have already done your keyword research, I want to show you how to take those keywords and phrases and use them throughout your Web page. 

Let’s use an example of a blog we created called How to Find the Best SEO Keywords. Upon doing our research, these are the keywords and phrases we wanted to use.

Our main keywords are SEO Keywords.
Phrase: What are SEO Keywords.

Man working on computer. In this article we show you how to add your keywords on a web page

Using Keywords in Your Page Titles

According to HubSpot, in this article, they mention “Titles have a direct impact on both searcher clickthrough rates (CTRs) and search rankings.”. When it comes to using your keywords and phrases in your page titles, the rules are simple:

  1. Use one H1 and a combination of H2’s and H3’s throughout your page. These page titles should consist of one of the keywords or phrases you are focusing on.
  2. Try to keep your character count below 65 characters.

You will see I have three titles:

The first title is my H1 (also known as the page title).

The second title is my H2 and includes my phrase “What are SEO Keywords”.

The third title is my H3 and utilizes one of my main keywords, “Keywords”. 

One tip I have is not to overdo it. This example is easier because I only have three titles on my page. You may have a page with many more titles. If this is the case, use acronyms if you can. 

Using Keywords in Your Paragraphs

Your first paragraph should always incorporate your main keyword/phrase. Throughout the other paragraphs try to include your keyword or phrases. Remember to be real. You do not want to write a sentence that does not make sense for your business. 

Using Images

When it comes to adding images to your page, you’re not necessarily using the keywords or phrases as the alt tags but the alt tags are a way for you to describe what is happening in the image and how it relates to your article. 

Now that you have completed your first page, we recommend using the Yoast plugin to see if there are any errors with your page. For more information, read our article on How Yoast Helps with SEO.

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