A leave-behind is the perfect way to create a lasting impression. This is a piece of content that you leave with a potential client upon exiting a meeting. This piece is meant to keep your company on their mind. Here are some tips to help your leave-behind achieve optimal results.

Maintain Consistent Branding

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This one is fairly obvious and straight-forward. Branding makes your company recognizable and allows for you to stand out among competitors. Having unity between your website, business cards, and your leave-behind is not only encouraged; it is expected of professional companies.

Make It Interesting

A creative leave-behind’s purpose is to stick around long after your initial meeting is over. Having an interesting or useful piece will ensure that potential client keep the leave-behind and not immediately toss it in the garbage.

Showcase Your Talent

Our notepads at CreativeCarbon have a custom designed cover with our logo, services, contact information & website URL. This notepad is useful for any individual throughout their day, which means that our contact information and key messaging is constantly accessible to the user. The graphics that were used combined with the layout of information gives the potential client a preview of our design skills, and entices them to visit our website and view our work.

Your leave-behind should be a constant reminder of the awesome work you have produced. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a traditional book-style portfolio, but it should showcase your organizations skills and offerings.

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