How To Create An Email Newsletter People Will Actually Read

When it comes to staying in touch with customers and broadcasting updates about your business, there are few tools more effective than an engaging email newsletter. Whether you send one monthly, weekly, or sporadically, it is a great way to share a large amount of information. That being said, there is a fine line between simply having a newsletter and having one that people will actually want to read. In this post, I will provide a few tips for creating an informative and entertaining email newsletter that your subscribers will not only engage with but look forward to seeing in their inbox as well. Certainly, there are going to be different approaches necessary depending on the industry you work in, however, there are some basic tricks that are universally successful.

Brand Your Email Newsletter

It is important that you brand your business’s newsletter as something unique. That way it is more than just another email hitting your subscribers’ inbox. With so many emails flooding in every day, most people are just used to tuning out the clutter. By giving your newsletter a unique name, look and layout it becomes more of an event. For those of you that are old enough, think of it as replicating the feeling of receiving a magazine in the mail or the latest newspaper on your front porch. Branding your email newsletter gives it an identity which in turn leads to recognition. My suggestion would be to keep the name related to your business or industry, so that when you first start customers will be intrigued without having to guess what the email is about.

A newsletter is an extremely valuable marketing tool and lead generator for your business, you want to make it as exciting to receive as possible. Make people feel like they are getting value every time they see your newsletter.

Stay Consistent

Branding is only the first step. The structure of your newsletter is also extremely important. In order to build a following, it is absolutely crucial that you stay consistent with what “value” is being offered by every edition. For example, you may choose to include recent blog posts, updates, and a new offering from your business. While I do not suggest stringently sticking to the exact same content structure every time you send out a newsletter, it is important that subscribers can rely on consistently relevant and valuable content.

This tip applies as much size as it does structure. You do not want to send a lengthy newsletter one month only to send a much shorter email the time after. Try to find a length that works and stick to it. Keeping it short and sweet is usually a good goal to have. No matter what, you want your newsletter to be a consistently reliable source of information for your customer base and those who subscribe.

Create Exclusive Content

One big mistake that many businesses make is releasing newsletters that are comprised solely of recycled content from the previous month (or period of time since the last edition). In doing so, these businesses risk becoming repetitive and having consumers lose interest in their newsletter. A great way to ensure that this does not happen to your email newsletter is by creating exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else; on your social media pages, website, or in any of your other marketing materials. This way, there is an incentive for people to read your newsletter.

Instead of allowing customers to just catch up with your business, you are providing them with an opportunity to learn something new. Exclusive content does not have to be boring either. Think outside the box. You could highlight a different team member every issue, offer a client success case study, throw a never-before-seen video or provide free downloadable content. The possibilities are literally endless. Whatever you do, make sure that you are giving people every reason to subscribe, read and look forward to receiving every email newsletter your business puts out.

Keep The Conversation Going

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Excuse the cliche adage. But it is extremely applicable to your newsletter. Having the best content and offering great value does not matter much if you do not make an effort to get people pumped. Even in an ideal world, the chances of people seeking out your newsletter that they do not know about are slim to none. Don’t sit around and wait for that. A trick for getting people excited and subscribing is to hint at or consistently reference your newsletter on different digital marketing channels. Include it in your overall strategy and make it so that people want to go read the next edition. For example, if you have a really good conversation on social, keep it going by saying something like “read more responses in our newsletter” or “we have picked the best questions to answer in the next issue of [insert branded newsletter name]”. By making it part of your overall marketing ecosystem, you will be giving your newsletter the best chance to succeed.

If your business already has a newsletter, trying to implement these tips will have people doing more than just opening your periodical. You will start to see subscribers actually clicking through the content that you have provided. Don’t kid yourself, this is a fantastic way to nurture existing customers and have them constantly coming back for more. If your business does not have an existing email newsletter, it may be time to consider starting to send one out. At Webworks we are always interested in working with you to improve your business’s digital marketing strategy. From newsletters to social media, we have got you covered. Contact us today if you want to make a splash in your local market.

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