How Businesses Are Fighting Against COVID-19

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COVID-19 has brought much of the world to a halt. Yet, during these difficult times, people come together, and businesses rise to the challenge. We are seeing national brands restructure their manufacturing to develop much-needed supplies and even smaller local businesses chipping in what they can to help the cause. Even with the suffering around us, we are still seeing great things come from this pandemic. Together, we can overcome this hardship and be more durable than ever. For now, let’s look at what both national and local brands are doing in fighting against COVID-19.

National Efforts in Fighting Against COVID-19

Bauer Hockey

Bauer was amongst the first national companies to join in the fight against COVID-19 by repositioning their manufacturing efforts. Usually, Bauer is a leader in the hockey equipment and apparel industry. Nearly 75% of NHL players wear their equipment. Bauer was quick to reposition their skate manufacturing plant in Quebec to produce medical-grade face shields. As of April 2nd, over 700,000 Bauer face shields had been ordered and were being fulfilled, with an additional 300,000 going to the Quebec government for hospitals and facilities. Bauer has priced the shields at $6 per unit, which is precisely the break-even price point. Any profit that is gained by selling face shields is going back into the fight against COVID-19!


The Chipotle chain of Mexican restaurants has stepped up during this time to provide frontline worker’s a free meal. On April 1st, the company pledged to donate 100,000 free burritos to medical staff working on the fight against COVID-19. Any Hospital to register for the program will receive a box of 25 burritos, delivered by various food delivery services. 

Proctor & Gamble

Much like Bauer, P&G has shifted the focus of some of its manufacturers throughout the country. Approximately 12 locations are now dedicated to manufacturing medical face shields for healthcare workers throughout the country. An additional 5 factories are currently repurposed to creating hand sanitizer to help relieve the pressure caused by product shortages throughout the country. These 5 locations are now producing more than 45,000 liters of sanitizer per week for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These products have been donated by the company along with cash donations combining for nearly $15 million towards fighting against COVID-19.

Google, Facebook & Netflix

On March 27th, Google announced that it will be providing small and medium-sized businesses with free ad space along with other contributions. The company is dedicating $800 million in financial aid packages for businesses and health organizations. Of this $800 million, $340 million is going towards free ad space for businesses to promote themselves for free. Facebook has also committed $100 million to support 30,000 small businesses on its platform. In comparison, Netflix has also dedicated $100 million towards wages lost for those working in the entertainment industry.

Ford & 3M Partnership

Two companies that operate in very different manufacturing industries have teamed together to develop healthcare equipment and other much-needed supplies. On March 24th, the two companies joined forces to begin building a new powered air-purifying respirator using fans from Ford’s F150 lineup and 3M air filters. These new ventilators are designed to help those infected with the virus and make breathing easier for those suffering. Ford has also repurposed some of its factories, which are now producing over 100,000 medical face shields per week!

Essential Grocery Stores

We all require an adequate source of food, even during these difficult times, we are still heavily dependent on various grocery stores to provide us with our food. During this time, we are seeing significant brands such as Walmart, No-Frills, Loblaws, and many other essential businesses join in fighting against COVID-19. They are introducing special shopping hours for those who are most vulnerable, offering curbside pickup, and reconfiguring their stores to promote safe practices. Without these stores and the essential workers, we would be much worse off, and things would be much harder. For that, we thank you!

Local Efforts Against COVID-19

Card’s Bakery and Goods

This bakery located on Princess street has stepped up big to provide much-needed food to those in need. Usually focused on traditionally selling high-quality baked goods, Card’s has recently begun supplying Kingston General Hospital and local grocery stores with fresh baked goods. When St. Lawrence College reached out looking for food for 50 stranded students, the bakery was quick to come up with boxed meals for those students in need. This, of course, in addition to offering an online order form and touchless pickup for all of our favorite treats at their downtown location. 

Friends Feeding Friends Program

The Davies Charitable Foundation has partnered with the Partners in Mission Foodbank, No Frills Supermarkets, and a community of Kingston philanthropists. Together they’ve developed the “Friends Feeding Friends Program.” They will be providing over $500,000 worth of groceries to Kingstonians who have lost their jobs due to the virus and are in financial stress because of it. Employers can set up the service for their employees who are hit the hardest by the virus, and there is no maximum or a minimum number of employees required!

Other Contributions

Many of our local retailers have turned to online ordering for many of their products and services. To promote social distancing and abide by the non-essential business closure, local businesses are serving their customers through online shopping experiences. Many are providing product delivery and select pickup to ensure that you have everything you need during this time. 

We are also seeing that many of our restaurants and bars are now offering free delivery services.  Many still cater to those that do not drive by allowing take-out services to ensure they are meeting the needs of all their customers. 

Several businesses have decided to reduce their hours or operate on particular needs only. This means they are still open and can fulfill your requirements, just through an at-need basis. Doing this further promotes social distancing and safe practices while strengthening their role in fighting against COVID-19.

You can find the entire list of Kingston businesses and how they are operating during this here.

An Expression of Our Gratitude

Here at Kingston Webworks, we understand that these are unusual times. The virus brings hardship and stress to people all over the world. While we are still focused on helping our clients, we are seeing many people get out of bed to help those in need. Still providing care to those who are suffering.  Others going to work in grocery stores and fast food to ensure that we are taken care of. It is you that is keeping this world running smoothly. Both national and local businesses fighting against COVID-19. On behalf of people everywhere, we want to say thank you to those who are continuing their duties in essential services and caring for our needs. Without you, we would all be lost, and all of you are the lifeline of this great nation.

While the future of COVID-19 is still uncertain, we do know one thing. Together, we can make this easier and that we can overcome this virus! 

For information on building a remote work strategy for your team, here is a helpful blog to get you started!

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