How to Find the Best SEO Keywords

Have you ever wondered how you are to know what content to write to help with your rankings on search engines, like Google and Bing? Hi, Stephanie here, and I am going to help you understand how I learned about how to research SEO keywords without having any clue on where to start.

Man typing on laptop. This represents keywords to be searched for on Google

What are SEO Keywords

SEO is made up of many different keywords or phrases throughout the content on your website. Keywords and phrases are what make it possible for consumers to be able to find you in search engines. So how do you find those keywords and phrases to help rank your business on page 1 of Google? 

I am fairly active online when it comes to learning. I have a long history of working alongside people who worked with Search Engine Optimization. I’ve attended many workshops, conferences (my most recent experience was 2021 Inbound), and my latest go-to of learning has been on TikTok. Feel free to follow me or read my article on How I Learned Marketing Tips Through TikTok. Where am I going with all of this? Well, I learned about this marketing expert, Neil Patel, who helped me stumble across this marketing platform he created called Ubersuggest.

How Does Ubersuggest Help with Keywords?

There are different plans for Ubersuggest and each will depend on how much information you want to receive. Regardless of the package, you are in, here are some helpful steps on finding great keywords for your content. 

Step 1

Visit the Ubersuggest dashboard where you will see a menu title on the left, Keywords, with a sub-page called Keyword Ideas. 

Ubersuggest menu showing how to get to Keyword Ideas
Step 2: Showing how to find related keywords

Enter the keyword your content will be about. In this example, let’s use “Marketing” as our keyword.

Enter your keyword into the field and search. 

You will be shown a report that looks like the below.

Report showing words surrounding a keyword
Step 3: Shows a list of relatable keywords

You will notice links across the top of your report. Click the Related link. This will show you a list of words related to the keyword you searched for. 

List of related keywords
Step 4: How to get your keywords and phrases

When looking at the keywords you need to consider two important factors: Volume and SEO Difficulty. Use the arrows at the top of your columns to sort.

The Volume is going to show you how many times this word is searched for within 1 month.

The SEO Difficulty shows you how difficult it is to rank for this word. The lower the number, the better but I would not use a word with a difficulty of 100 or more.

Once you’ve narrowed down your keywords or phrases, you need to incorporate these into your content in a way that makes sense for your business and to your consumers. 

Webworks has provided a couple of articles that will teach you how to use these words throughout the page on your website and how to use the search engine optimization Yoast plugin.

How Yoast Helps with SEO

Creating a Web Page Using Keywords

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