If you are looking to create a website or update an existing website by hiring a web designer, it can quickly become an overwhelming task. How do you know what to look for in a good web designer?

Experience Is Not Everything

Your decision when picking a designer should not be based on how many years of experience they have in the industry. Your decision should be based on that designer’s skill-set and how they can meet your needs and the needs of your company.

Ask To View Their Portfolio

You need to know if the designer can create what you envisioned for your brand. Pay close attention to the diversity of their portfolio and their approach to each project. View the websites on a computer and through mobile devices to see how the pieces they have built actually operate. A web designer’s personal company website does not showcase all the styles and concepts they have to offer; that’s why viewing their portfolio is important to get a feel for their overall style.

Skills To Look For

The basic skills all designers should have in order to create a quality website are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is also extremely beneficial for them to be familiar with PHP, Flash, Ajax, SEO, content writing, and graphics creation. If the designer is not skilled in these areas, they should ideally be sub-contracting someone with these skill sets.

*Note: It’s rare that one designer will know all of these techniques. If your designer tells you they aren’t proficient with Javascript so they contract out to someone who does, this is great! It means this designer acknowledges their strengths and weaknesses, and that they care about the integrity of their work.

How Much Do Web Designers Cost?

Have a Question?

It’s tempting to pick a designer or company who will work for pennies but in those instances, you always get what you pay for. Before you begin searching for a web designer, decide on a realistic budget for your needs. “Free” websites mean you will not have access to technical support and the site will likely support very little content so spending time finding a professional designer who can work within your budget is tremendously advantageous.

Do They Include A Contract?

Plain and simple: if the designer does not use contracts, then find a new designer. At CreativeCarbon we believe that contracts act as protection and signify an agreement between the two parties outlining the expectations of the designer and client.


Ask your designer for references of jobs. When calling the references, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • Are you happy with the work that was done?
  • Did the work get done on time?
  • Did the work follow the estimated budget?
  • Did you find it easy to work with the designer?
  • Would you refer them or hire them again? Why or why not?

What’s Your Impression of the Designer?

Lastly, you should hire someone you feel comfortable with. You will be working closely with this person in hopes that they will gain a full understanding of your brands goals and messaging to properly portray that to your online audience. Finding a designer that you trust and that you feel comfortable with is the key to a successful website.

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