How to Successfully Market a New Website

 How to Successfully Market a New Website

In the wonderful world of the internet, marketing a new website may be quite a challenge.  You will need to attract and retain a steady stream of users and to do that, you may want to consider a combination of traditional and digital approaches.

Which Social Platforms are Best

Before putting in the work and money into a campaign, decide which social media platforms are best for your business.  That starts with defining your audience.  Look at age groups, shopping patterns, and even gender identification.  Then you can apply that data to the social media that will best display your product or service and that offer the help in marketing your site.

Be Memorable

Whether it is through an unusual color combination or a distinctive logo, make sure you are distinctive in your site.  Especially if you are in a competitive field or product, you need to be remembered by someone who hits your site. 

Be Consistent

If you are using multiple platforms, make sure they are all sending the same message about brand.  That includes similar images and color schemes.  Think of your brand as if it were a human being and incorporate the best adjectives to create a clear and honest picture.  Tweets can go viral and you want them to represent your company in the best light.  There is nothing worse than a meme that makes your company a laughing stock.

Help Others

One good way to generate positive feedback is to give back to the community.  Publishing your efforts in charitable events will enhance your image as one of the “good guys”.

Be Clear 

Your website is not the place to be coy about what you are selling.  Simplicity is key.  Avoid overwhelming the reader.  Too much information will cause confusion.  Focus on the information your prospects want to see and that will lead them directly to your site.

Be Searchable 

No one is going to buy your product or service if they can’t find you.  One of the most common methods of becoming noticeable is to make the effort to post information that has viable SEOs. 

Go Old School

Don’t rely solely on digital marketing.  The idea is to make yourself known.  That can include coupons, direct mail, advertising, even some stunt that gets you some local press.  Those businesses that hire someone to dress up and carry a sandwich board or wave a flag, still have some impact on a local community.

Take Stock

Monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign is crucial.  There is no reason to continue a process if it is not providing the results you need.  Analyze the data and move forward.  That can mean scrapping a plan or just a few tweaks to make it more pertinent.

Your goal is to connect with potential customers and turn that into sales.  Brand awareness should lead to brand loyalty and result in return customers.  Of course, the ultimate end is to increase revenue.

If you think all of this is beyond your abilities, you may be right.  Contact and ask to speak with one of our representatives who can guide you through the process and make your marketing money stretch to your best advantage.

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