Leverage your video work into video SEO

How Will Video Marketing Help with SEO?

Written on July 17, 2022 by Stephanie Reid

You are always trying to improve your search presence. You probably already have a great plan like the best keywords and good content. You may also have delved into video marketing. The next step is to leverage all of your hard work into video SEO to increase your rankings even further.


Just like when you plan your blogs, you need to identify the right SEO keywords. In addition, it is a good idea to plan the intent behind those words. Say you want to promote your clothing alteration business. After you identify the keywords you need to decide what the reader really wants to learn about. If someone is interested in sewing, then you can create a tutorial about how to hem a pair of pants. Write your script so that you use several synonyms and descriptors throughout the video. Just be sure that it all sounds natural and organic.

Title and Description

A good title, description, and thumbnail are next on the agenda. If you get hits but people click off rapidly, then you have not given them enough correct information in the title. If they do watch your video, do they proceed to your website? Giving all of this enough thought in advance can help you be successful in attracting and retaining viewers and then sending them to your site.

Include a transcript of the video on the actual page where the video is posted. This enhances your opportunities for the search engine to pick up on the correct words and phrases to route users. Yes, you can certainly sit down and transcribe it yourself or you can use something like YouTube’s captioning feature. You will have a choice of either collapsible text or a text-based walkthrough. Be sure to proofread it yourself just to make sure it is transcribed correctly.


Before you are done, add some additional material like FAQs, a summary, or key issues you want to reinforce. As long as the material is relevant, you can again increase your abilities to be SEO noticed.

Schema markup or structured data is a code included in the HTML for the search engines to get better results. This can result in the engine showing the title, thumbnail, length, description, etc. on the SERP which can give you a leg up on the competition.

Some platforms will allow you to add chapters or timestamps. This helps the search engine to narrow the section of your video that is pertinent to the criteria the user entered and can help diversify your presence.

The next step is to analyze whether or not these videos are the source of your traffic. If so, you need to determine exactly what is so appealing. Then you can use that information as you prepare your next video and the next, etc. Marketing is ongoing no matter the medium you choose. There are always new developments and approaches.

For clarifications or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have lots of great ideas that can help in your marketing strategies and implementation.

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