Is Google or Microsoft Better for Email?

Written on May 31, 2022 by Stephanie Reid

The two main e-mail platforms nowadays are Google and Microsoft. While Google has Gmail, Microsoft has Outlook. Each e-mail platform has its features that can make going through e-mails, searching, organizing, and answering e-mails quicker and easier. Depending on your wants and needs, one platform might be better than the other.

Gmail vs Outlook

Let’s compare the two e-mail platforms to see which one best fits your wants and needs.


Both Gmail and Outlook are free of charge to individual users. When it comes to outlook, if you want the app, you will need to pay for Office 365, which will also get you Word, PowerPoint, and other Office programs. Gmail is part of the Google Workspace and you can access any of the programs in the suite for free.


When it comes to organization, Outlook allows you to flag important e-mails, as well as create folders and subfolders to sort your e-mails into different categories. Gmail, on the other hand, uses marks and stars that allow you to designate messages as important, not important, or belonging to a category. The platform also automatically sorts your e-mails into five tabs, including social, and promotions.


Searching is very important, especially if you are trying to find that one e-mail from months ago. Outlook’s search is much simpler, in which you can type anything in the search bar and search for a specific folder or emails from specific contacts. Gmail, on the other hand, has a basic search, in which you can easily find simple phrases. The advanced search allows you to sort through options based on variables like labels, tags, categories, senders, recipients, subject lines, attachments, body content, date ranges, and message size.


Both Outlook and Gmail offer features that make it easy to manage your contacts. For instance, both allow you to import your contacts from other major service providers. You can also upload a CSV to add contacts manually, which is good if you take manual backups and lose the account.


Although Outlook has features that allow you to integrate it with third-party applications, Gmail is much better at that. There are many apps that you can embed in Gmail to make your experience even better. Additionally, Gmail makes it easy and quick to do so.


Outlook allows you to change the appearance of your app by choosing pre-selected or custom themes. Additionally, you can organize how you want things to be placed within

your inbox. However, these are not nearly as many customization features as Gmail. With Google’s email, you can change the size, placement, and design of your inbox. Additionally, you can toggle the most feature on or off, and access hidden settings to provide you with a more productive experience.

Overall, both platforms have their pros and cons. If you already have Office 365 and advanced searches or Gmail tagging is not useful to you, Outlook might be the better option. On the other hand, if you do not plan on getting Office 365, you might just want to go with Gmail. If your business needs to get more visibility online, we can help you. Contact us today!

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