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Mother’s Day Ideas For Your Social Isolation

Happy Mothers Day Card

In just a few short weeks, COVID-19 has completely changed how the world works and what the average day-to-day is. We’re living in a world where every trip to the store is an extensively choreographed routine, where most of our work is being conducted from home, and, perhaps most distressingly, where we won’t be able to visit our mother’s on Mother’s day. What are you going to do without brunch?

The answer as it turns out is plenty. Kingston businesses have been adapting and shifting to new practices and routines to help keep some form of normalcy during these strange times, be they food, gift, or whatever. Here’s 5 that we think will help with still being able to do something nice for mom.


Novel Idea

Mother's Day Idea 1

Like it or not, these last few weeks have been an excellent time to get some reading done, and what better way to keep up with that than by shopping local and supporting Kingston’s sole independent (in terms of new books) bookstore, Novel Idea. To help keep customers reading-and for our purposes, to keep your mom reading-Novel Idea has been offering in-store pickup and ordering, as well as free home delivery within Kingston. Give them a call to see what they have in stock, have it brought out to your car, or have it hand-delivered to mom’s front door by the owner. Mom deserves the best, and Novel Idea is happy to oblige.

Cooke’s Fine Foods

Mother's Day Idea 2

You might not be able to take mom out for the ubiquitous Mother’s Day brunch, but Cooke’s is ensuring that you can still treat her to something nice and high quality. During the pandemic, Cooke’s is offering curbside pickup at their downtown location, which includes scheduled and individualized pick up times to avoid crowds and minimize lineups. Simply get in touch, pay, show up, and you’ll be good to go. On top of that, Cooke’s will be launching an online store in the coming weeks, streamlining the process even more.

Bread and Butter

Mother's Day Idea 3

Unfortunately, you can’t take mom to Toast & Jam. Thankfully, the next (door) best thing is still operating: Bread & Butter. Offering curbside pickup and local delivery, Bread and Butter will be posting the next week’s menu each Friday, with a variety of offerings including bread, breakfast favourites like scones, cookies, and tarts, their suite of grocery items, as well as cakes and merchandise. Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, jam, Cabbage rolls, pie, quiches. Banana muffins, pecan scones, butter tarts, cupcakes. If there’s something you want to get mom, they’ll have it.

The Jungle

Mother's Day Idea 4

If your mom is like me, cabin fever might be beginning to set in. She may need something to break up the monotony and “sameness” that seeing the same walls day in and day out without end could be causing. If only were there some way to fix this…Oh, there is! The Jungle, Kingston’s “Favourite Boutique for House Plants” has also begun to offer curbside pickup and delivery options. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays select the plants you want and swing by to pick them up or have them delivered to you on Saturday between 11 and 5. Brighten the house up with a Hoya. Fill up the front room with a Fiddle Leaf Fig. Pep up the place with a Peperomia. Just because mom doesn’t want to go outside on Mother’s Day, doesn’t mean she has to deprive herself of greenery.

Spearhead Brewing Company

Mother's Day Idea 5

Let’s face it. Things are a little crazy. If you want to take a break, mom’s probably going to want to take a break as well. As such, it’s incredibly fortunate that Kingston’s own Spearhead is operating on reduced hours, providing delivery within the Kingston area.


And that’s about it! Check out one of these businesses, or maybe check out and combine something from all five. Let mom read her new book while enjoying a scone and admiring her new plants before enjoying a nice craft beer. Just because you’re both socially isolating, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on doing something nice for mom. You can also check out our previous blog Quarantine Activities you Haven’t Done Yet to get a few more ideas. We hope this helped!


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