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Quarantine Activities You Haven’t Done Yet

1000 Piece Puzzle


So you’ve been inside for a couple of months now and you think you’ve already done all the quarantine activities you’d stockpiled. You long for a return to your standard routine. Well…so do we, but that hasn’t stopped us from making the most of a bad situation. If you’re growing a little tired of watching an episode of The Office for the 15th time this month, here are 20 quarantine activities we wracked our brains for. If we haven’t done them yet, there’s a good chance you haven’t! Check it out!

Start a Puzzle:

This seems to be something everyone is doing, so why not take part. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy Ravensburger one (Indigo is all sold out of those anyways…) Do a crossword puzzle, get good at Sudoku, wow your friends by knowing what Kakuro is, pick up one of those deluxe Rubik’s cubes. Just don’t get too frustrated

Revisit that old Instrument:

Were you like me, and in high school, you liked Guitar Hero so much that you tried to take up the real guitar and sort of swiftly gave up? I thought so. Well, what better time to dust it off. Apologizes to your neighbors later for your shoddy trumpet playing…or open your windows and wow them with your talent! They may not applaud you like an Italian tenor, but maybe you’ll get an A for effort!

Read a long book:

Infinite Jest Novel

Now more than ever there’s finally time to crack into a 1000+ page piece of fiction. Want some suggestions? How about Infinite Jest, The Stand, The Count of Monte Cristo, In Search of Lost Time, Les Miserables, or War and Peace. Those long enough for you? Or maybe read all of a fantasy series! That could be six 800+ page books! Lord of the Rings, The Stormlight Archive, Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn. Malazan Books of the Fallen… I could go on!

Start a really good skincare routine:

If you’re like me, your hands are a dry cracked mess right now from washing them so much. Maybe it’s time to start reading up on the best moisturizers and exfoliants.


Woman Doing Yoga

Take a moment. Eyes closed. Palms clasped. Sit silently.

Fall down a Youtube hole:

Ever just sat there for 2 hours and watched videos on a topic you didn’t know anything about? I’ve done it multiple times already. It’s a lot of fun. The holes I’ve fallen into include: Military MREs, watchmaking, cheese making, piano concertos, Glenn Gould, Philip Glass…There’s probably a few more that I can’t remember but it was all time well spent…in my opinion.

Take up a new hobby:

Woman Knitting

Everyone else seems to be into sourdough starters now. Maybe you could do that! Get into knitting or cross-stitch, start painting, get into Magic the Gathering, and invest in some Lego sets. Who knows! It may be something you want to do even after we’re past this!

Finally, play that complicated board game with your roommates/family members:

You got it for Christmas in 2018, but no one had the patience to read the 75-page rulebook. Guess what. Now you do.


Clean out your closet:

Pile of Laundry

The time for spring cleaning may have come and gone, but it’s never a bad idea to do a revaluation of what you’ve got. Just be careful, you don’t want to wind up with a sole “Quarantine shirt” that you’ll have to wear every day like a cartoon character.

Play a lot of a video game:

Do I have 103 hours as of this writing in something? Yes. Am I proud of it? I plead the fifth.

Clean out that backroom:

Storeroom full of boxes

Do you really need that VHS tape of Disney’s Peter and The Wolf from the mid-90s? I didn’t think so.

Home Yoga:

I’m pretty self-conscious, so the thought of being in the same room with an unknown amount of people as I struggled to hold a pose is sort of a nightmare. Thankfully, we can now do this from the privacy of our homes. It’s your own judgment-free zone!

Create a Quarantine playlist…again:

Spotify Logo

You may have already made one back in March, but hey, there’s a lot of music out there my friend!

Become a birder:

Is that a Blackburnian Warbler over there?! I don’t know, you tell me. You’re the birder.

Grow out some truly ridiculous facial hair:

Man with big Mustache

I’ve gone through 2 different mustaches already. Then I slipped while trimming and had to press reset. I’m going for number 3 right now!

Binge Watch For Free:

Over the last month, there seems to be a new streaming service every week. Why not hop on board one of those and take it for a spin. Just remember to cancel before the free trial is up.

Become Ambidextrous:

Man holding a pen in both hands over a piece of paper

Your dominant hand has probably been pulling a lot of weight. Time to whip that other one into shape.

Pretend you’re a three Michelin star chef:

Treat your roommates/family to a meal you made out of whatever is leftover in the fridge. “This is the waffle et olive starter. Why are you making that face?”

Start to learn another language:

Duolingo Logo

Я учу русский!!!. Did you know Quarantine Activities in Cyrillic is Карантинная деятельность? At least Google translate says it is…

Make lists of things to do in quarantine:

So you’ve been inside for a couple of months now and you think you’ve already done all the quarantine activities you’d stockpiled. Wait, this sounds familiar.


That’s it for now. We’ll see you next month after you’ve finished burning through all of these. Remember, pace yourself!

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