Do You Really Need To Complete An Industry Analysis?

The main goal for marketers is to make more money while connecting with customers, but these efforts alone are just not enough to beat the competition (it’s tough these days!), and stay ahead of any industry threats. Completing an industry analysis will give you a complete look at your industry as a whole and help you figure out your next steps to success. CreativeCarbon’s industry analysis template allows you to see the vital info that could potentially affect your business — for better or worse. So what are the key features of this analysis? Take a peek below:


Immerse yourself in the latest industry trends, whether or not they directly apply to your business. These trends will provide you some information on where the industry is heading, so you can align your marketing and advertising efforts.


Get to know your customers. It’s important to gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs and how they prefer to shop through market research. Your industry analysis should highlight target audience, preferences, and favoured forms of communication.


Find out how you compare to your competition. What are their tactics and what seems to work for them? Is there something to be learned from the way they interact with customers? You can determine where you sit in comparison to your competition and improve your efforts to continually surpass them.

An industry analysis is not only an amazing way to get to know your industry inside and out, but is also a great reference for the future. Our team has completed a number of industry analysis’ for clients who then refer back to it when creating marketing and advertising strategies to reaffirm goals and methods achieve their goals.

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