Showing Support For Ukraine

Written on March 14, 2022 by Stephanie Reid

We’re just getting out of these restrictions with the COVID-19 pandemic and now a war?! This seriously saddens me so much. I know wars have happened and maybe it’s with social media it makes it that much more heartwrenching. We see all the damage and hurt and can’t help but feel for all of these people in Ukraine.

Recently, I was scrolling on Facebook and noticed a girl I know, who lives around the corner from me, Jenna Noreau Hairstyling, is making sugar cookies to help raise money for people in Ukraine. I thought this was a great idea so I ordered one dozen. I had been wondering how I can help show support for people in Ukraine and I love cookies, so win-win. 

How You Can Support

Jenna is only doing cookies until Tuesday, March 15th so you may be able to get your order in. 

I have also been following a girl on TikTok, who is the Kiev and provides updates at least once a day with what is going on in her city. Sometimes I can head bombs going off in the background and think how fortunate we are to be in Canada. Kristina has started a page where she is collecting donations to help support families. If you want to help, visit here

Another account I have been following is one of Bethany Frankel’s, which is running a bstrong initiative. Bethany is raising money to help provide aid to those at the Ukrainian borders, amongst other great things! 

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