Why You Need An SSL Certificate

So you’ve registered your domain name, input your company’s products/services, and figured out your site design. Now what? It’s time to put a Secure Sockets Layer – also known as an SSL certificate – in place.

Wondering if your business actually needs this? We’ve got an answer for you: Yup. You sure do. Allow us, if you will, just a minute to explain: SSL certificates are critical when it comes to keeping your consumers and your business — no matter how big or small it is — safe.

The fact is that hackers just don’t care which site they attack; their software will target businesses based on programming flaws. This is where an SSL certificate can step in and keep all information your company stores safe.

Here’s how an SSL certificate can help your business:

SSL Helps Secure Payments

If you plan on accepting payments online, most merchant accounts will require you to have an SSL certificate to make sure important things (like your customers’ credit card information, for starters) is stored safely.

Secure Forms

While some websites collect money, some collect information. This information can include employment info, home addresses, phone numbers, etc. By creating a safe space for data to be stored, customers will feel more at ease providing their personal data.

Password Protection

If your site pages are password protected or you require users to create a password, an SSL certificate is the best way to keep them safe. You can secure each and every password to guarantee consumer information stays private.

If you do not have an SSL certificate or are not sure, contact us. We can help!

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