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How You Can Support Local During COVID

We started off the new year in complete lockdown with most of our beloved small businesses closed or with limited access and services. Now, we find ourselves trying to see the light at the end of this tunnel and wondering what is going to happen to the City we love. What about our favourite restaurants we used to frequent and that we miss so dearly, the coffee shops on city corners that we loved popping into for a quick latte and a hello, and above all, what about seeing the friendly faces of local business owners and staff and how that used to make us feel.

It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying a shared plate of Lumpia at #Woodenheads before heading over to #TangoNuevo for tapas and cocktails. Since we can’t physically be present at our city’s cherished establishments, we must consider the best ways to continue supporting these businesses that we have grown to love and depend on… the businesses that put the #YGK love in Kingston and that put us on the map for the most restaurants per capita in Canada!

The truth is that times are tough right now and the pandemic is not making life any easier. There are however ways that we can continue to support local businesses to help during these times of social and economic change, without spending any money. Here it goes…

  1. WRITE A REVIEW. Write a Facebook review about a small business that you have visited and describe your great experience and what makes you appreciate them. It can be as simple as giving a 5-Star review on Facebook, or on Google, and if you want to be really generous leave a grand ole’ review about why they rock! Writing a review is free and allows everyone else on Facebook (or Google) to see why they are an incredible business to support. And, in the process, you might just make their day and make them smile-making it that much easier for them to push through these challenging times!
  2. LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE. Spread the love by liking, following, and sharing on your favorite restaurants on social media pages. Don’t forget that favourite place where you always order take-out or a place you have been wanting to try and plan to order from. Give them a follow-on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tik-Tok, or like one of their posts. This spread the love (100%!) to your followers and to theirs, creating a wave of new views on social pages.
  3. PHOTO TAGS. For those of us who are lucky enough to get out everyday for a walk or a drive, it’s easy to snap a photo of your favourite business and to post it to your social media! It’s the spur of the moment photos and hashtags like this that are most creative and fun. When posting the photo, be sure to tag the business using their hashtags or create your own tags. Its a great way to get them to re-post your photo and let the photographer in you shine!
  4. CURB-SIDE PICKUP. Curb-side pickup is a blessing when indoor dining is not possible. Restaurants are bringing the dining experience to you by offering takeout deals to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Who doesn’t love a delicious dinner on the couch while diving into your latest #Netflix binge?!
  5. CONTACTLESS SHOPPING. So many small businesses have extended their shops to the world of e-commerce. Adapt your retail therapy routine by checking out these small shops online for special offers. Local shops like #FancyThat and #HeelBoy are now offering 100% contactless shopping. Check out your local website to see what special offers they might be featuring during these times.

While we can’t shop the way we used to, that doesn’t mean local businesses are not struggling. There are many ways to show your love, respect, and support for local businesses and help encourage them to persevere and come out of this pandemic on top, ready, and strong. So come on, Kingston! Let’s show our local businesses who we are so that they know their followers, supporters, fans, and their City is there to lift them through everything and anything.

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