Take better pictures with your phone with these 3 tips!

If you use social media for yourself or your business, you probably find yourself snapping photos for your feed. But are you getting the best picture possible? These 3 easy tips can help you take better photos so you get more engagement!

Light is key. Interior shots tend to look grainy without a flash, or totally washed out if you turn the flash on. Instead, move outside or to a window. You want the camera to be between the light source and your subject, so if you’re taking a selfie, face the window. If you’re taking a picture of your coworkers or a product, stand between them and the window.

This tip works for all kinds of photos, but try not to have people staring right into the sun – no one looks good when they squint!

Man holding an Iphone

Wipe off your phone lens! Your phone goes all over the place with you, and picks up smudges from your fingers, lint, dust, and other dirt. Give the lens of your phone a quick swipe with your shirt or a soft, dry cloth, and get the clearest view of your subject!

Don’t try this with a DSLR camera, though! The camera on your phone has a protective layer of glass that’s safe to wipe off with anything handy – big cameras are more sensitive.

Try not to shoot from the shoulder. The vast majority of photos are taken with the phone held 5-6 feet above the ground, with the subjects in the middle. If you want a dynamic, interesting photo, shoot from above or below, get in close, or frame your subjects on the left or right (for this last one, always try to fill the frame with something, so pick an interesting background). Be creative and don’t be afraid to take a bad photo – you can always delete a photo you don’t like.

And that’s it! With those three tips, you can take stunning photos to rival your favorite travel blogger, all from your cell phone!

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Thanks for reading!

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