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The Future of Business Cards

Blank Business Cards

Business cards are a staple in business and have been for a long time. The first use of a business card dates back to 17th Century Europe! In those times, cards announced the arrival of an aristocrat or someone of importance. These playing card-style tickets became a principal of the elite. 

Today, business cards share contact information with business partners. The importance of business cards is changing, however. When someone hands you their card, you likely glance at it before shoving it into your pocket. Now you may use their contact information, or you may not. Even if you do refer to their card for contact information, it will likely save on your device afterward. The truth is, business cards are dying! Every year, 10 billion business cards are printed. Of this 10 billion, 8 billion are disposed of within a week of being handed out. That’s 88% of business cards being thrown out! The future of business cards is changing, and you shouldn’t be surprised when you receive a futuristic card at your next meeting.

New Apps for Business Cards

We live in a digital world, so you should not be surprised that the future of business cards is going digital. Paper cards are becoming a pricey business expense for many. With so many ending up in the garbage, it is time for brands to begin using something that will never get thrown out. The new fancy way of presenting your business card is through technology.

There is a growing increase in in-app developers focused on building a “new” business card. Companies like Bleamcard and Camcard offer new ways of presenting business cards to partners. Bleamcard, for example, is a new firm utilizing augmented reality in its business card technology. When you scan their card, it virtually appears on your phone, providing you with real-time information! These new apps are fantastic and highly engaging. No longer will your business card get shoved in a pocket before finding the trash! 

These new apps work smoothly through smartphones. Many have a unique QR code for your business partner to scan. The app then displays all of your information on their cell phone. These apps link to calendars and contact lists, which provide a seamless transfer from the card to your device. With much of our marketing now being digital, the way we do business is sure to follow suit.

An Easy Tech-Based Business Card

There is a more straightforward way for you to use a tech-based business card that does not include the costs of using or developing an app! While a little unorthodox, using something as simple as a text message can be an effective way of sharing your information with a potential partner.

 With a draft text message having all of your information, you can quickly send a text to your prospective partner. They will receive your information and easily add you to their contact list. You know that they aren’t going to throw their phone away and they will have to look at it eventually. Using a text message can be the perfect, cost-effective way of sharing your business information. While it may not be the prettiest, you can show your prospective partner that you acknowledge how sensitive their time is and avoid the awkwardness of sharing cards. 

We have all been there; you receive a business card, and not wanting to be rude, you have a quick look and continue in the conversation. You throw the card in your pocket to come back to later, except later it is not there and you have lost the contact information of that critical prospect. What are you going to do? Phone their office or message them on LinkedIn to tell them you lost their card. Not likely! This scenario is precisely why something as simple as a text message can be the difference in forming a successful partnership.

Time for You to Stand Out

Don’t get lost in the crowd like everybody else. Don’t be that business that spends hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on business cards, only for them to end up in the garbage. Your image and professionalism are essential, which is why you should always be going one step further than everybody else. Leave a lasting impression on your prospect and leave them wanting to look at your card. Yes, the future of business cards is still developing, and there are likely to be many more changes to come. Why wait until the whole world is doing something and the luxury wears off. You have a chance to make your business stand out from the competition easily. Why not take advantage of that now before it is too late?

Let’s get you started with an awesome tech-based business card today! It is time for you to stand out!


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