The Goals Behind Our Rebrand

Written on October 24, 2022 by Stephanie Reid

If you’ve been following me, you know what I’ve been educating myself on this past year – marketing! Before the merge, my mindset about the messaging to our followers had changed. I had a new focus. I want to provide all the free tips and resources I can to help businesses succeed with their marketing. When the merger occurred, I was lucky enough to have a team that understood where I wanted to go with marketing and fully supported this new venture. I had (and still have) full reigns to marketing how I want. I believe in honesty and authenticity and the power of video to relay this to our audience. I knew the rebrand of our company was going to take time and didn’t want to hold back on this, so I’ve been successfully marketing this way for quite some time – and I hope you see and get the most out of my messaging. This was the most important of our rebrand goals, and we will stay true to this as we launch in 7 days!

With Our Rebrand Comes New Services

More Managed Social Media Channels

There are new trending platforms we feel businesses should be on, especially with video. We don’t want to just offer the typical but ones that are having huge impacts on company sales today. Thes include TikTok and YouTube. We offer different packages for each platform so you can find one that suits your needs. 

More Website Offerings

We understand businesses have different budgets or that some may be more hands-on than others. Either way, we are opening up our website services so you can do as little or as much as you want with your website. 

Social Media Add-Ons

Social media needs to be more than just posting on your news feed. You need to engage with your following and other influencers by commenting on their posts and responding to any comments on your posts. This does take time, but it’s so important. 

Heat Map Feature on Website

What if I told you we will now be implementing a heat map on your website so you can see those hot touch points your visitors are making? This is a great tool to see what’s working and not.

Enhanced SEO Services

Need text here. 

Video Services

Coming soon!

The shift in marketing never ends for any business. It’s continuous learning and adapting to what your target market wants and needs. Don’t ever settle on what you’re doing today because you never know what could happen tomorrow. Contact us if you are interested to hear more about these new services. 

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Exciting Announcement!

Webworks and YourSocialStrategy are excited to announce that as of November 1, 2022, we will be launching a completely new, fresh rebrand. With this comes a new website, a new mission, and new service offerings. We can’t wait for you to meet Aliado Marketing Group. Eeeekkkkk, stay tuned!!!!!!!

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