The Story Behind Our New Company Colours

Written on October 21, 2022 by Stephanie Reid

A new company with a new name. Why not introduce some new company colours in our rebrand? If you’ve been following me, you know I love to learn. I read many books and have learned a lot from other influencers on TikTok. I knew the type of look I wanted and the key elements with the chosen colours. This made things even easier when my side-kick, Shelby, felt the same way.

How We Choose Our Brand Colours

There are six things we consider when choosing our brand’s colours.

Establish our brand’s identity.

We have a team of young go-getters that have a lot of fun together and work well with our customers. We want that same vibe to show throughout our marketing. 

Search for inspiration.

Learning about colours and checking out ideas on Pinterest, we knew we wanted a black background with pops of colour. I’m digging the neon look, even better when adding gradients in the mix. Keeping that in mind, we were on the hunt for colours that worked well together. We knew we wanted black and pink, so we used the website,, to see what other colours worked well with the main ones we wanted. We tossed around a couple of ideas but found four colours we were adamant about using. 

Explore the meaning of our colours.

In marketing, we know that each colour gives off a feeling, and we want our customers to have that feeling when they see our brand. When we chose our colours, we wanted to ensure the feeling represented what we were trying to portray. 

  • Black represents elegance and sophistication.
  • White represents cleanliness, innocence and goodness. 
  • Pink represents fun and playfulness. 
  • Orange represents creativity and enthusiasm and adds a bit of fun to any marketing. 

Pick our primary colour.

We knew right away that we wanted to use pink as our main colour and will be used for anything clickable (link or button), which acts as a fun pop of colour to our page. 

Choose our secondary colour.

Orange is another fun pop of colour for elements we want to stand out.

Pick our neutral colours.

White is used as our paragraph font.

Black is used as the background, so a neon colour on top stood out. 

Picking colours is not a quick task. Spend time researching and looking for inspiration representing who you want to be known for as a company. For any questions, please contact us

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