An Afternoon at The Kingston VR Hut

It’s not every day you can wake up in Kingston and decide you want to walk through the streets of Paris but the VR Hut makes that possible with Google Earth. Last week, the members of Kingston Webworks were lucky enough to get the entire VR Hut to ourselves to try virtual reality for the first time. Not knowing what to expect, we were nervous yet excited about what we were about to experience. Located right downtown on the corner of Brock and King Street, up a quick flight of stairs is this hidden gem of a location.

We began with learning about how the technology works, what we could expect, and how the equipment fit our bodies. We got to learn about all the different games and activities that can be experienced solo or with others! There really is something for everyone, meaning it doesn’t have to be intimidating for newbies (like us.) Stephanie was first up and chose a game revolving around playing with baby dragons, yes that’s actually a game. It was so fun to watch her maneuver around the “playground” and try and pick them up.

The VR Hut

The headpiece itself is super lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy or helmet-like- there are also headphones that block out others’ voices and provide the sound for the games or activities. The handpieces are easy to use and are similar to video game controls. Once you are geared up, it really does feel like you are in a different reality. The “walls” make sure you can control where you’re walking (avoiding actual walls.) In my opinion, it’s pretty insane how it all works! It seems very life-like and easy to use. Stephanie and I played a game of dodgeball which was so fun and pretty comical for our bystanders to see.

There are some more intimidating options as far as VR experiences offered however we chose to bypass those for our first trip and went with some safer activities. I was curious to see what the fuss around the “plank” game was and decided to try it. First, let me say I am most definitely scared of heights, and this game enhanced that fear but it was totally worth the experience. Such an exhilarating feeling to actually feel like I’m standing over hundreds of stories tall but to know I was extremely safe! It’s a must on the VR experience! It’s pretty funny to watch someone else experience this game specifically and I highly recommend you watch your friend do it! Google Earth is also available as an activity and you can actually choose anywhere in the world and travel there, walk around, or see it from above. I chose Paris and did a walking tour around the Eiffel Tower- how cool is that?

The VR Hut
Photo C/O

As we know, Kingston and many other cities are introducing more “experience” based activities, much like escape rooms and places like Lumina Borealis, people are choosing activities to fill their weekends. This would be the perfect activity for a Saturday afternoon, no matter your age. It’s a great way to get out of the house and experience something new and completely different! Book your appointment today to experience some virtual reality with your friends and family!

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