We Challenge You to Google Yourself.

We challenge you to check yourself out online and see where you rank. Check out your competitors. When’s the last time you Googled yourself?

Pull out your phone, open up your web browser… what does your website look like? Take your Ipad or tablet, look at your website again.. is it the same? Check out your competition’s website on all your devices too. What do they look like?
You should constantly be keeping up with technology so you don’t fall flat.
Do you share links to your website on Facebook? On Twitter? Through email? What images are these links pulling? I challenge you to share your website domain (www.your site.com) on your Facebook business page. What does it display? A full image? A cut off image? A blurry image? All of these things can mean different things, but they won’t all look good and your clients and/or potential clients can see that.
Woman on her phone
If your website is responsive, it will perform differently on different devices and screen sizes. Even a desktop computer compared to a laptop will look a little different. If you read my last blog post here, you will learn that Google is now putting responsive websites higher on their pages.
Depending on the last time you updated your website, you will see noticeable differences in how it performs compared to a new website.
Next I want you to open up Google and type in your industry or what you do. Sell custom cupcakes? Google “Cupcakes Kingston, ON” who comes up? Are you on the front page? What information is being displayed along with your website domain?
Google yourself. Is your Google listing coming up on the right side of the screen that includes your address, phone number, hours, reviews etc? If not, you are missing a huge opportunity for your information to be displayed to a potential customer.
Screen shot of a Google search
Take a look, let us know what you see and if you have any questions please let us know! This is our specialty and we want you to succeed!
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