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Leading Web Design Trends in 2017  [Part One]

Web design is having a wonderfully innovative year thus far. From what we have seen already, it is clear that web designers worldwide are prepared to push the envelope in the name of limitless expression and an improved user experience. In order to stay on top of it all, check what you know about websites at the door. Instead, let the fires of creativity burn and open your mind to the truly endless possibilities for how websites can look, function and even live.

In this blog post, we will go over some of the top web design trends that you should be paying attention to this year. Some may seem obvious, while others may appear shockingly out there. Either way, we are certain each of these trends will have a big impact on how websites are designed moving forward and hopefully we can help set your stage for success.

Death To The Stock Image

Let’s start this list off with something everyone can agree on. Stock content is not the best way to connect with consumers. We understand the temptation of filling vacant web page real estate with bright, well-composed and aesthetically pleasing visuals. Most businesses do it. There is nothing wrong with it. Nevertheless, the days of stock photos and video are numbered. This year more and more businesses are going to start populating their websites with unique in-house created content full of their people, their space and their offerings. This will go a long way with increasingly discerning and savvy consumers.

Gradients Will Make A Colourful Comeback

C/O pitneybowes.com via designmodo.com

Over the last few years, we have seen many websites using simple colour schemes with flat, single dimension designs. While this has widely been accepted as the “modern” look, designers are starting to play with dated techniques like the use of gradients and the results have been fantastic. What used to be subtle differences in colour throughout the design of icons, has now transformed into a reimagining of how multiple colours can be used to improve the look, texture and feel of web pages and images. One of the ways that gradients have made a not-so-subtle comeback into the world of web design is overlaying images with different textures and colours. Look for more web designers and businesses to start using this eye-catching, bold and vibrant technique. We might know some talented designers who can help (wink-wink).

Even More Parallax Web Design

Some web designers think that parallax scrolling has been overused. And they may have a point. In 2016 we saw scores of websites using at least some degree of mouse-controlled scrolling effect. Some were good, some were bad and some were downright ugly.  Simply adding parallax to a site does not lend itself to an improved design. However, when it is executed perfectly, this technique can be mind-blowing. Look for designers to add layers, depth and create more interactive websites using parallax in 2017. You can see an example that the Webworks team brought to Kingston businesses below:

web design trend

Minimalist Home Pages As “The Norm”

Less is going to be more for the way home pages are designed moving forward. Replacing the information and content-heavy home page designs of the past, this trend will see more businesses leaning towards design-heavy pages with minimal amounts of copy. In essence, home pages will become more like a book or magazine cover that entices readers/visitors to consume more of what is being offered. Now before you go worrying about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it should be noted that appealing to consumers is far more important than appealing to search engines. It is best practice, though, to find a balance between the two. In 2017, try judging more websites by their home page, and certainly, a palpable change will be noticed.

More Grid Layouts

grid layout web design trend
C/O worksmedical.com via designmodo.com

Much like the design-heavy and minimalist home pages that will be coming to the forefront of web design in 2017, you will see more businesses experimenting with different layout styles and techniques. Specifically, look for more designers to incorporate grids into their web design. While this may not be a new trend, the sophisticated and dynamic way that grid layouts present website content is going to make the style quite sought after this year.

Web design is a language that each of us speaks on a daily basis. Without thinking about it, we interact with, use and consume countless website pages for a multitude of reasons, whether it be for work, leisure or necessity. The internet has become such a big part of our lives that we have started to ask more of not only how it looks, but how it functions.

At Webworks, we love nothing more than finding new internet trends and discovering innovative ways to make the web work for businesses right here in the Kingston area. In part two of this post, we will go over even more web design trends that are and will be huge in 2017. If you are a local business owner looking to do more this year, get in touch with the Kingston Webworks team so that we can get you on track with the way things are moving online. If you don’t get on the train, rest assured that it will leave the station without you. Let’s do this Kingston!


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