Why Your Website Might Not Be Getting Any Traffic

One of the questions we’re most often asked is, “Why isn’t my website getting any traffic?”. When it comes to engagement on your website, there are a few solutions that CreativeCarbon can implement to help.

  1. Appropriate Branding

    If your branding doesn’t suit your audience’s taste or fails to capture their attention, your website won’t attract visitors. Having a professional design your branding will help you gain a trusting client roster.

  2. Resolve Bad Reviews

    Bad reviews can lead to a decrease in website traffic. The best solution is to contact the person who left the review and offer them a solution to the problem they had.

  3. Improve Your SEO

    – Register for Google Places (this is how you get onto Google Maps)
    – Have a professional write your content based on page-specific keywords
    – Ensure your content is written for a broad audience without using too much industry jargon
    – Link your social media to your website (this may seem minor but is necessary for SEO)
    – Installing Google Analytics allows you to monitor traffic through a website traffic analysis
    – Installing site maps can vastly improve your SEO
    – Use alternative text for images and alt tags to add an extra boost of keywords
    – Review Google Analytics data to determine which pages get the most traffic, and focus marketing efforts to attract more users to those pages
    – After you have completed the above changes and have assessed your SEO, adjust your content to improve any weak areas

  4. Organizing Navigation

    If your website has a confusing navigation, users will become frustrated and leave your site. This causes a much higher bounce rate.

  5. Create A Proper Mobile Site

    Having a properly designed mobile website will help to guide traffic. If you don’t have a properly functioning mobile website, Google will tag your site as not being user-friendly, which can have a detrimental effect on your search listings

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