What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Popup Banners?

Written on October 15, 2022 by Stephanie Reid

Most landing page pop-ups are designed to make the visitor feel at ease. Pop-up banners, for instance, allow for directly answering a specific query. In addition to convincing a visitor to take the action you want, such tools can also help them enter your sales funnel. That’s why it’s so helpful and convenient for you.

However, things are not as they appear to be at first glance. The pop-up windows will be effective in overcoming banner blindness. However, you risk alienating your audience if you select the wrong type of pop-up, deploy it inappropriately, or use it excessively.

Pros of Popup Banners on Websites

There are many advantages to using pop-up banners, such as:

  • An improvement in conversion rate is possible if all necessary steps are taken. However annoying they may be, pop-up windows are more effective than banners.
  • Getting people to notice your product. It’s tough to turn a blind eye to what’s staring you. Since this is the case, they help gain new subscribers and gather contact information from potential clients.
  • Facilitate a conversation with guests quickly. ” pop-ups ” often include a chat window where you can talk to customer service. With this, the customer can get an instant response to their inquiry and leave their contact information in case they’d like to speak with a manager further.

Cons of Popup Banners on Websites

There are also a few disadvantages to using pop-up banners, such as:

  • Pop-ups are incredibly annoying, as has been previously mentioned. Especially if they suddenly show up when you least expect them. Adversarial saturation can lead to a decline in traffic because users will avoid your site being bombarded by irrelevant or annoying advertisements.
  • Bounce rates rise when pop-ups are used. Users get more frustrated with these ads than any other kind.
  • Pop-up windows prevent search engines from indexing relevant text. When a pop-up window is used, the content added to it is not crawled by Google.
  • Bounce rates and page load times are officially considered ranking factors, and pop-ups can increase both.
  • Google occasionally disables annoying ads.

Essential Tips for Including Popup Banners:

  1. Please don’t startle or annoy the customer.
  2. An opt-in is required for the window call.
  3. The pop-up window should provide the visitor with helpful information.
  4. Every screen reader should be able to use this window.

For more details about how we can help with your popup banner inclusions needs, please contact us.

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