What is a Vector Logo?

Written by Stephanie Reid

A logo is a visual representation of your company’s brand, which makes it one of the most important pieces that should be included in all marketing. Every business needs one and it needs to be in vector format. I bet not many know what a vector logo means so I am here to help you. 

According to TheeDigital’s article, What is a Vector Logo, they explain how “Vector images are made up of numerous individual, scalable objects, each defined by a mathematical equation. A series of geometric shapes are created by these equations, rather than pixels, rendering a non-resolution dependent image. This gives your designer the ability to resize yours without the loss of image quality. This is incredibly valuable since your logo will need to be clear and visually appealing in many different places and contexts.”

Person creating a vector logo. This article explains what a vector logo is

When You Need a Vector Logo

You need a logo for anything to do with your brand – website, business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc…. If you ever start working with a company on marketing for your business, you will be asked to provide a vector logo. This can be one of the following formats: .eps (Encapsulated PostScript), .ai (Adobe Illustrator Artwork), or .svg (Scalable Vector Graphic). 

Creating a Logo Design

If you do not have a logo in vector format, I highly recommend you get one designed. There are many local businesses out there that can create one for you, Webworks included. 

Something to keep in mind is when you have a company create a logo for you make sure to get those files so you have them. There have been many times where I ask for a logo and the client does not have it. They either need to go back to the company who created it or we have to recreate it for them. 

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