What Thanksgiving is All About

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Thanksgiving weekend is here… where did the summer go? It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone.. especially our local small businesses. We wanted to speak about what we can all be doing to make this season a little brighter for small businesses and our customers alike. Marketing and social media have a huge impact on how we run our businesses.. let’s use it as a tool to do some good, share helpful information, and spread the holiday cheer. 

I encourage you to share local businesses YOU use and love! Let’s share the love and encourage customers to explore other family and locally run businesses.

What are you doing to let your customers know what you care about? If you are a bakery that donates to a cause regularly.. let your customers know! If you and your employees volunteer every year at Christmas.. let your customers know.. Let’s start a ripple effect and maybe you will encourage others to spend time volunteering. Kingston is an amazing city, there are so many causes to give your time to.. let’s continue to get the message out and get others involved. Chances are, your customers want to support businesses that help others in need. 

This long weekend, it would be super helpful to let your customers know if you will be open.. if you have special hours, or if you are running any promotions! Folks are off work, looking to get out with their families and enjoy the city. Let your followers know when you are open.. they want to support you but may not be sure if you are open for business. Post it, share it, tweet it.. whatever you have to do, make sure your message is clear and promoted on all your networks to let your friends know they are welcome to come on in! 

An awesome way to promote your business at Thanksgiving is to create fun content surrounding the holiday.. if you own a gym.. post some tips on how to make sure you maintain some healthy habits this weekend… If you own a clothing store, create the perfect fall outfit on your social media. Own a restaurant? Let customers know about the fantastic turkey dinner you’re offering. Holidays are an excellent way to come up with some new, curated marketing ideas. 

Have you thanked your local businesses? Yes, Thanksgiving is about being thankful for so much… our families, homes, careers, customers but what about thanking the businesses that help you run your own company? The coffee shop down the street that makes you your morning cup of joe? Give them a shout-out on your social page! The delivery trucks that drop off your inventory? Say thanks.. as you know, there is so much more that goes into our businesses than just us. A small gesture goes a long way. 

We hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend with your loved ones. We also hope that this post helps you with some seasonal sales. This approach works for any holiday, not just Thanksgiving. Cheers to time with family, new friends, and thriving local businesses. Make sure to take some this weekend to let those special people in your life know you are so grateful for them. Cheers! 

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