Why a Mobile Responsive Website is Important

I cannot believe the number of websites I come across that are not mobile responsive. This means your website is not user-friendly for visitors visiting your website. Those businesses are creating such a bad experience for their customers and chances are they will look elsewhere.

Man testing mobile responsive with different screen sizes

What is Mobile Responsive?

Mobile responsive means your website will adapt to the screen size your customer is viewing your website on. If a customer has to zoom in anywhere on your website, it is not mobile responsive. All the information on a website will adjust itself down to fit the screen you are on accordingly.

Why You Should Care?

According to an article written by techjury, “In the course of one year, desktop internet usage dropped from 54.86% to 48.88% while mobile users share marked an increase from 37.38% to 47.59% in 2021.

What does this mean? 47.59% of users are browsing websites from their mobile device and looking at the stats, chances are that number will only get higher. This means that majority of your following is looking at your website using their mobile device. You want them to have a great first impression and only have a short window to make this happen. Otherwise, you run the risk of them looking elsewhere. 

Think about this… how did you react when you visited a website from your phone and had to zoom in to browse the information? I bet it wasn’t great! Make sure you are not giving your customers the same reaction. 

How to Fix Your Website

You can use a free tool that tells you whether or not your website is mobile-friendly.

If your website editors have the option to view your page on different screen sizes, I recommend going through each page and viewing using each screen size. When flipping through the different screen sizes, if you see issues you should correct them.

If your website editor does not have this option and you’re not sure how to fix your site, talk to your website provider. Otherwise, feel free to contact Webworks to see where we can help!

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