Why Case Studies Are Important

Have you been considering creating some case studies but not sure if you should or where to even begin? We are going to help you understand why case studies can be beneficial when it comes to sales and marketing for your business.

Having really good case studies allows you to showcase the details of a project and how you helped that customer. They validate what you have done for someone and the process it took to get there. Customers want to see how you can help and there is no better way than creating real examples they can see for themselves.

person hitting a case study button. We explain why case studies are important for business

What Are Case Studies?

According to Neil Patel, “Case studies are a powerful tool to increase sales and drive conversions. They provide real-life examples of how your brand helps customers reach their goals.”

We just recently started creating case studies and plan to write a lot more. If you happen to follow ours you will see how we outline the customer’s journey.

  1. Start off by telling the customer’s story, who they are, what their business offers, and why they came to you.
  2. Outline the challenges they were facing with their business.
  3. Explain the approach you took to overcome these challenges.
  4. Always back up your content with images or the work you provided.
  5. Lastly, talk about the results. 

Many businesses share the same goals so imagine being able to help a potential customer by sharing the story of another business and how you helped them. That’s an easy win! 

Case Study Examples

As of right now, we only have two case studies to share with you. If you are considering creating some of your own, please take a peek to see an example of how we laid out the beginning to end with each customer.

Absolutely Polished Cleaning Service

Kingston Humane Society

We will be continuing to write more and more each month so if you’re looking for more examples, make sure to check back. 

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