Why Everyone Needs Smile Cookies

Written on September 19, 2022 by Stephanie Reid

Smile Cookies – YUM – the only week of the year where I don’t feel guilty for eating them. September 19-25 is Smile Cookie Week, only available in Kingston at Tim Horton’s locations.

This year, my family and I were lucky enough to volunteer. We stood alongside the Tim Horton’s drive-through at the corner of Gardiner’s Road and Cataraqui Woods Drive on September 19 from 7-8 am. We stood holding cookie cutouts and a donations bucket, with pins on each of us. We had so much fun. It was nice to see the drivers purchasing cookies and donating money.

On September 20, from 4-6 pm, my family and I decorated the cookies at the Tim Hortons on John Counter Blvd (next to the bus station).  Pictures coming soon.

Since writing this blog, I have raised money for this cause. Another mom and I bought $200 smile cookies and sold them each for $1, plus received additional donations. We started in front of Mother Teresa Catholic School when school was done, then made our way over to the football game at Holy Cross. Together we made $226.95. 

What Are Smile Cookies?

DUH – cookies with smiles on them. The freshest chocolate chip cookies are decorated with a smiley face. But these cookies are more than a pretty face. They help raise money for Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Each cookie is $1, and 100% of the proceeds go to the NICU.

In 2021, Kingston’s community raised $156,806!!! I cannot wait to see what this year brings. Each year gets better, and I am proud to be a part of this city.

Why Smile Cookies Mean So Much to Me

On December 24, 2014, my twin girls were born. This wasn’t a typical situation. My babes were born at 27 weeks, weighing 1.8lbs (Cayden) and 2.1lbs (Callie). It was a very rough start for Cayden, needing 20 minutes of stimulation to get her breathing going. We spent the next four months in the NICU. There were many ups and downs, and things only worsened before they got better. Thanks to the staff and technology, my babies are now seven years old and healthy! Each year, my family and I are always supporting smile cookies because the funds towards the NICU helped get Cayden and Callie to where they are today. 

Please visit this link for more of our story or to donate. 

Stephanie, Callie, Cayden

Callie and Cayden holding cookie signs

Cayden and Callie – together we will make a difference

Cayden and Callie at work

Joe, Cayden and Callie

Ashley, Joe, Stephanie, Callie, Cayden

Stephanie with cookie sign NOM NOM

Stephanie and cookies

Callie, Cayden, Ashley

Callie putting cookies on tray

Cookie Decorating

Cayden, Ashley, Callie

Team Work

Stephanie and Laura

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