Why Mobile Friendly Websites are Doing Better on Google.

Here’s a challenge for you; take out your smartphone and open up your web browser, type in your domain. What does your website look like? Is it the same as the desktop version? Is it responsive to the phone? What does this all mean? Let me explain.

Woman walking with her phone

A responsive website allows the website visitor to easily navigate the website on whichever device they are on; laptops, desktops, phones, tablets etc. If a website opens up on a phone the exact same way it looks like on your computer, chances are it is not responsive to the device it’s on. A well designed responsive website will perform differently depending on the size of the screen it is being used on.

Google has now changed the way it ranks websites and we all know we want to be at the top of Google. If you are at the top of Google or on the first page, you will be seen first before your competitors. Google is now ranking mobile friendly websites first because of how people access the web today. Online users are “mostly” searching from their mobile devices so Google wants to make sure their users are getting the best experience in their search results.

Responsive vs. Non-Responsive
Image via poweredbyawesome.com

Do you see the difference in the examples? The phone on the left is displaying large images, text and a drop down menu that makes it easy to navigate the site. The example on the right is a smaller version of the desktop version making it difficult to read the text, the image is small and the menu is miniscule.

The websites we creative at Kingston Webworks are all responsive which means they display differently on mobile and tablets. Our website platforms easily allow us and you (the website owner) to make changes to display your site differently from the desktop version. We know how important this tool is because we are constantly keeping up with Google algorithm changes. This change from Google is only going to help you get more customers and have a higher ROI. If you depend on your website to get you new business or returning business, you don’t have a choice but to keep up with the always changing technology trends. We are here to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Read more in this great article posted by Tech Crunch here.


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