WordPress vs. Magento

As you begin the transition to an e-commerce platform to help your business grow, you may be debating between WordPress and Magento to suit your online selling needs. Although the two platforms may seem similar (they are both very customizable, SEO-friendly, and offer a strong online support system), Magento is the preferred platform for online sales. Don’t be intimidated; Magento can be easily navigated with a WordPress mindset once you get familiar with the technology.

WordPress is a content management system and publishing tool used by millions of companies to power their websites. It does come with some basic e-commerce functions that can be accessed through a variety of third-party plugins. Magento was created for clients with e-commerce needs and provides features like multi-store management, mobile commerce, SEO, cataloge-management tools, and marketing assistance. It offers the flexibility to allow businesses to create an e-commerce platform that reflects their brand and fits their company goals.

Magento continues to be the favoured platform for e-commerce businesses. WordPress is a fantastic resource if your website is focused on posting and promoting content, but online purchasing results may prove to be a bit of a letdown.

The CreativeCarbon team has helped our clients branch out into Magento, a great program that’s more flexible for users hoping to make some sales. So the next time you find yourself pulling your hair out over your website’s lack of e-commerce abilities, remember Magento can provide a simple solution to a big problem!

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