Your 2018 Guide to Kingston Patios; What Time for Prime Sunshine?

Rooftop Patio
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There is nothing better than a summer in Kingston, and we should know, our office is located in prime real estate, downtown by the water beside Confederation Park. We have some of the best restaurants in Kingston surrounding us and we get the best views in the city looking out at the boats and across to Wolfe Island.

As you probably know, Kingston is home to a large number of restaurants that have patios that offer aesthetically pleasing accommodations and views. As a treat for you, we have rounded up some of our favourite patios and inquired what time of day is best to sit on them, aka what time do they get the most sun exposure. Use this as your guide to YGK patios for summer 2018.

Woodenheads: The front patio gets the best sun exposure around the noon hour, where you can sit directly in the sun to warm up from a cool morning. They also have an amazing back patio which is mostly covered from the sun but heated. It’s a very cool atmosphere to hang out and enjoy a wonderful meal with friends.
Highly Recommend: Lumpia Diavolo

Rooftop Patio
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Jack Astors: This unique location is a favourite for many, and with its rooftop setting the sun hits it all day! It’s a large space which accommodates many and they offer lots of great food and drinks to enjoy.
Highly Recommend: Miso Sesame Tuna Bowl

Milestones Bar & Grill: This back patio offers great views for people watching on Princess Street. It’s got great vibes and is a great spot to add to your patio hop! The best sunlight for this space is between 3:00 and 5:30 pm.
Highly Recommend: Moscow Mule

Atomica & Chien Noir are neighbours on Brock Street and both offer delectable eats and amazing service. Both patios get covered in sunlight most of the day which makes them a very popular spot.
Highly Recommend: The Romaine and Beet Salad from Atomica and the Yellowfin Tuna Tartare from Chien Noir.

Sidewalk Patio
C/O Visit Kingston

Megalos: This is a hidden gem of Kingston, especially their breakfast menu. The sun hits mids afternoon which is perfect to enjoy their breakfast menu that is served until 3 pm on weekends.
Highly Recommend: Fried Chicken and Waffles

Dianne’s Fish Shack & Smokehouse: Conveniently located next to our office, this is a personal favourite! The sun hits the patio daily from 2:00 – 5:00 pm which makes it the perfect space for a late lunch or early dinner.
Highly Recommend: Steamed PEI Mussels & fries.

Casa Domenico: This Kingston classic is a favourite of many when it comes to fine dining. The patio out front is front and center to Springer Market Square, which never lacks entertainment. The sun shines directly on the patio in the afternoon after 1 pm.

Tango Nuevo: One of the most beautiful patios in Kingston, this little gem has the best sunshine anytime after 2:00 – 2:30 pm. If you are looking for a unique experience, this is your spot!
Highly Recommend: Asian Pork Ribs

Crave Coffee House & Bakery: Not exactly your typical patio on this list but an awesome spot to grab speciality coffee or teas and some amazing treats. They also serve waffles which is what you should get in order to enjoy the morning sun on the patio before 10 am.
Highly Recommend: Cinnamon Buns

Red House: Whether downtown or uptown, RH won’t let you down. From their fantastic menu to quirky staff, you are sure to have a good time. The downtown patio gets sunlight late afternoon.
Highly Recommend: The Caesar Salad with a crispy egg on top!

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Lonestar: A classic spot in Kingston, currently undergoing renovations. Once it opens again, the sun hits the back patio from noon until about 3 pm.
Highly Recommend: The Coronita!

Merchant Tap House: This patio has tons of space for your whole crew and then some. Located right down by the water this is the perfect spot to find sun or shade on a hot day. Sun hits directly on the patio late afternoon around 3 pm.
Highly Recommend: The Widowmaker Burger

The Public House: Slightly smaller but still in the heart of King Street, this patio is a delightful little gem. Hit this spot up anytime after 2 pm for some sunshine and a great selection of beer.
Highly Recommend: Thistle Chips

The Grizzly Grill: A short walk from downtown will land you at the Grizz patio, which can’t be forgotten about. The patio doesn’t open until July this year but the sun shines down all day long!
Highly Recommend: The Quinoa Burger

Windmills: This patio gets prime sunlight early in the morning which makes it one of the best breakfast spots in town. Perfect for those Saturday early risers!
Highly Recommend: Huevos Rancheros

The Keg: Typically this patio is covered by an awning but right now it’s not and gets sunlight all day! So get there fast if you want to bask in the sunshine while enjoying one of the many yummy menu items.
Highly Recommend: The baseball steak.

Tir Nan Og: The Prince George Hotel is home to a patio that has one of the best views in the heart of the city. Sun hits this patio mid-day so make sure to get down on a weekend to enjoy it!
Highly Recommend: Fish Tacos

Harpers: This burger spot has not only been featured on TV, it’s a fan favourite in our office. Enjoy your burger in the sun all afternoon on this awesome patio! If people watching is your thing, you need to check it out!
Highly Recommend: The LaLa Land Burger.


The Dox:
Kingston’s only waterfront patio offers a ton of space and comfortable seating for those who want to be on the water. Enjoy all-day sunshine with this slice of heaven connected to the Holiday Inn Hotel.
Highly Recommend: Lynchburg Lemonade

Is there another patio in Kingston you love to enjoy? Let us know! Thanks for reading.

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